Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Dizzy

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(Dizzy Dustin)

(My main man)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(He's out of sight)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(Pay attention)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(Now alright)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(He's too much)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(That's all I know)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(Hey everybody)

(Dizzy Dustin)

(Listen here)

[Dizzy Dustin]

Me without a mic is 23 without the Nikes

A writer said we light, but don't believe the hype

I'm fluid like a druid when he's circlin stones

I chrome the conduit and hear through headphones

Write words to match, put the herb in the batch

I shove em in the oven and watch em react

In fact, I bring it back like a holding car

Consumers take it off the rack like a bowling ball

I admit it, critics get under my skin

I discipline men with the ink from a pen

Or better yet with a Bic, I'm razor-sharp like it's chic

I break the ice like a pick, nice without the Vicks

(Dizzy Dustin) comin with combustion

Yvan Drago, I must break you when I rush in

Cause yo, it's disgusting

People treat rap like an urinal

We take it personal

I do encores on tours, night after night

Takin flight like condors, clingin the light

I hold on tight when I'm flippin acrobatics

Grippin microphones like my hands were two magnets

Hip-hop's detergent all-purpose

Quarantine the scene, clean the stains below the surface

Put it in your box, don't knock it till you try it

And all the Ugly people be quiet

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