Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling - Another Samba

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This is just a little samba

Yo man, I'm livin check to check

Nibblin on a candybar

Out on tour, economy size rental car

Ask for cash but they give me the business

And say the promoter can't pay

So if this is just a little samba

Then I'm broke with a microwave burrito and a Coke

I spent my last dollar to pay my landlord

She hates my music and took my extension cord

So I clap on, clap off, Andy turn that rap off

Gotta dress for less and buy my clothes half off

I look ridiculous

Little thugs staring at me when I step in the bus

Wantin fisticuffs, I'm always feeling strained

Cause my budget's tight like it was wrapped in cellophane

And sure, I would rather be in the Bahamas

But again, it's just a little samba


This is just a little samba

This is just a little samba

I make minimum wage (yeah you do)

I wear the same sneakers (yeah you do)

And man I need a haircut (yeah you do)

(Yep) yeah you do (that's right) yeah you do

You might spot me in a swap meet suit

When I'm at award shows bouncers gimme the boot

I own no home, I live in the garage

Ain't even got a car so I borrow my moms

Hold up, I got an email, it's a female

She wants to know about Del, every detail

It makes me sick but I can't afford a flu shot

Chicks come fat and got the nerve to wear a tube top

I got this one, she's a primate

When I met her she was just the type of girl that make your eyes ache

I made my pager vibrate, said I gotta use the phone

(Where you going) late

I have a model plane and a puzzle of a yacht

You can bet that I sweat when the weather gets hot

I travel a lot, to the store for my mama

It's just a little samba


I owe lots of money (yeah you do)

I need to find a job (yeah you do)

I gotta call a dentist (yeah you do)

Yeah you do, yeah you do

Well I star in home movies (yeah you do)

I need a new label (yeah you do)

I only date mongrels (yeah you do)

Yeah you do, yeah you do

Man, I stay on my mom's property (yeah you do)

I got an old skateboard (yeah, yeah you do)

I got a dog named Quentin

Does your mom let you have the dog in the house

Yeah sure, why not (that's cool)

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