Ufo - Fool for Love

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She told me her storyhoped I would understand

And I listened closelyas anybody can

But there's a distant look that's in her eyes

And as the nights grow longeralone in bed she cries

My baby met a man on her first date

He stole her heart an' sealed her fate

And she thought she'd found a friend for life

He wanted her but not to be a wife

* la la lila la li

A fool for love never wonders why

La la lila la li

She hangs on in but it's just another goodbye

** (now) every day is like another day

She lets it all drift on away

An' every man is like another man

They come and go but she never can

And from sixteen to thirty-two

She lost her loves and her good looks too

It's so sad to see at first hand

From a teenage beauty to a one night stand

* repeat

** repeat twice


** repeat and fade

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