Ufo - Couldn't Get It Right

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You wake up in the morning

Look for a cluesomething new

Turn on the radio and it's as dead

As the visions dying in your head

And when you were young

You had big ideas no hidden fears

You had your heroes they were walkin' tall

Now your devotion seems comical

So now you' got older

And the world's got colder than it used to be

Every day gets longer and turns into the darker night

Down in the gutter nothing seems to matter 'cos you're history

I couldn't get itI couldn't get it right

You played the game as children

Didn't understand life's not so grand

Love hurts you and you could feel the lonelylonely one

Some people got it easy

They got it madeso unafraid

You'll be the fool and /fight/find/ the winner he's gonna take it all

* repeat



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