Ub40 - Hurry Come Up

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Heyyouhurry come up

See how fast you come down

You run up your mouth

You run out of luck

You're running out of town

Verse one

Hurry come up now you're all alone

You had to kick dirt on your stepping stone

You lost your way across the land

Foundations crumble built on shifting sand

Repeat chorus

Verse two

Hurry come up in the blink of an eye

You crowned yourself king of the castle high

You'll never get to heaven if you tell a lie

There's a hole in your bucket and your well's run dry

Repeat chorus

Verse three

Hurry come up we've got nothing to say

We sit back and watch you give yourself away

Where's all the power now they've pulled the plug

You're up to your neck in the hole you dug

Repeat chorus

Verse four

Hurry come up your edges are rough

We need a little love ain't life tough enough

There's no coming back your ticket's one way

Your journey don't start till judgement day

Repeat chorus

Verse five

Hurry come up just a fast as you can

Time's running out for your master plan

Cards on the table enough is enough

They hold the aces now they call your bluff

Repeat chorus

Verse six

Hurry come up when you turn off the light

How do you sleep in your bed at night

It's all a bad dream but no-one can hear

You only have yourself to fear

Repeat chorus

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