Ub 40

Ub 40 - Impossible lyrics

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Giving my life the "highs" and "lows"

love - I'm trying to hold

weaker I get everyday

lose control of the things that I say

Tell me how can I get right

like a day without his bite

don't know which way to go


know what I'm looking for

meditate all th time

hoping that I can find

a ladder that I can climb

to get this off my mind

until then I'll just be trapped

in her arms I'm deeply wrapped

until I lose control and start

to scream and scold

Show me a land where

someone like me

can make a stand

make any living when

all that you can

is tear down all you don't understand

I find you're a little impossible

I find you're a little impossible

impossible to me

Time is breathless - you better check

this way we're livin' is wreckless

jealousy kill the people with envy

lack of self control that could be

the answer that you're throwing on

to a life style that ya showin' on

so go on with your bad self until

find ya life in a shelf

checking your beeper

trying to keep her

most of the time can't even sleep

living large - she's in charge

Mercedes Benz and Credit Cards

rolling big bucks your holding

rings you wear are often stoln

show down - take a lock at yourself

be thankful for your health

Show me a land where ...

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