Ub 40

Ub 40 - Freestyler lyrics

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Say we a just freestyle it

Because we wicked and wild it

Because we know how fe run it

And we just can't done it

And you know say we like it

And we have to excite it

If you come a dance

I say you might get frightin'

Because you know say we live it

And you say we love it

There is very few things I coulda really put above it

I love the booming of the base in a the speaker boxes

The treble in the tweeters it just

A tear off me hat see

I said you just can't trap it

I said you just can't unwrap it

Say you justs can't take it

Say you know you have to find it

Deep down in a your soul I say you have to feel it

Little after that you a go want to reveal it

Coz music is a thing I say you

Know you have to share it

If me couldn't do that

Me just couldn't bear it

Cos the love for the music on me

Sleeve me have fe wear it

Deep down in a me heart I said you

Just couldn't tear it

Me no like them journalist man

Dem come from different land

Say we is a white reggae band

Open your eyes no man you must

Be blind no man

You gwan like your cool man

Your heart must be black no man

Full of bad intention

We is dub organiser

A little oder and wiser

We no like wife beater spreading

Love would be sweeter

Out of many nations yes we are one

Just like the motto if you is Jamiacon

Deep in a the night the musics calling

Deep in a we hearts you know we're

falling in love

It's like a religious calling

Calling calling you better send out

A warning

Calling calling you better send out

A warning

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