Ub 40

Ub 40 - Everything is better now lyrics

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Everything is better now

Better than is was before

Sunshine on a golden bough

Darkness locked behind closed door

Now I found a better place

Somewhere I can lay my head

Clean fresh air and open space

Safe upon my feather bed

I've been a mistake maker

For all of my days

And a law breaker

But crime never pays

An overtaker

On lifes highways

A serial faker

Making getaways

I've been a mover and a groover

In the halls of power

A real bad loser

In my darkest hour

A high seas cruiser

Searching tropical flowers

A pick and chooser

In an ivory tower

Now I'm a man of peace

With a hungry soul

For I found release

In a lost loophole

I'm the materpiece

Who just scored the goal

Let the love increase

Now I'm in control

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