U2 - Sick for love lyrics

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When the night turns mean on you

And the day is dry

And there's no water around

And you can't see the road ahead

You can only see her...

White and alive

She's laughing in the face of love

Your love is white and alive

This is your last chance in my dreams

In my dreams she stands over me

Surrounded on all sides

She has taken the higher ground

And I'm the willing victim of her love

And faith my favorite drug

And faith my favorite drug

I'm sick for love

Sick for her love

Sick foods you sell

Just the sight of you makes me wobble

I can't see straight, walk or talk to anyone else

I can't even talk to you

White and alive

I'm laughing in the face of your face

White and alive

Sick for love

Sick for love

So, between the horses of love and lust

I'm trampled underfoot

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