U2 - I feel free (Version 1) lyrics

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<b>I feel free (Version 1)</b> by <i>U2</i><br />Down by the motion

Down by the girl

Down into let go of me

I don't ever hurt

We shadow down

We shadow down

By the water land

Baby don't move it

Don't knock me in the tide

I'm like the sun and

You're like the sand

Don't knock me down

Don't knock me

I feel free

And I...I feel free

And I...feel free

(Sixty nine)

(Sixty nine...)

She's a'calling me

Down want to water

I like a court you You understand it

I under war

A whispering shadow

Don't tell me that

I live a going

I am the storm

To all that was is kicking me

Ever take me down

Take me down tonight

Take me down town

And I...feel free

Well I...feel free

And if a chance

Don't take no choice

Another time

(Sixty nine)

I feel free

I feel free such a lie

And I feel walking in the sun

And I feel running with you one

And I feel nothing in the, nothing in

I feel nothing in your time

I feel haunted in your life

I feel talking in your

Walking back in you, baby

Nothing in your touch

Live within your blood

Take me, I'm walking, waking

Hoping, waiting in the sun beats

In your heart

And babe it gives me

I...I feel free

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