U2 - Elvis Ate America lyrics

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Elvis White trash Elvis The Memphis flash Elvis Didn't smoke hash Would have been a sissy without Johnny Cash Elvis Didn't dodge the draft Elvis Had his own aircraft Elvis Having a laugh Elvis On the Lisa Marie In a color photograph Elvis Under the hood Elvis Cadillac blood Elvis Darling bud Flowered and return to the Mississippi Mud Elvis Ain't gonna rot Elvis In a Memphis plot Elvis Didn't hear the shot Dr. King died just across the lot from Elvis Vanilla ice cream Elvis Girls of 14 Elvis Memphis spleen Shooting tv's Reading Corinthians 13 Elvis With God on his knees Elvis On three tv's Elvis Here come the killer bees Head full o' honey Elvis The bumper stickers Elvis The white knickers Elvis The white nigger Ate a cheeseburger and just kept getting bigger Elvis Sang to win Elvis The battle hymn Elvis The battle to be slim Elvis ate America before America ate him (Elvis spoken repeatedly at various times until song's end) Stamps Necromance Fans Psychopants The public enemy Don't mean shit to Chuck D Changed the center of gravity Made it slippy Hitler Nixon Christ Mishima Marcus Jackson The pelvis The Psalmist The genius The generous Forgive us Pray for us (Elvis) Aaron Presley Elvis

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