U1 - Make A Jam! lyrics

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<b>Make A Jam!</b> by <i>U1</i><br />

Dreamin', dreamin', groovin',

If you know what I mean, it's movin' on the scene, alright?

*Make the bumping, quit the whining,

Make the moving with the dance hall king.

Wadadadekodo wadadanding,

Churip pip pip pip pip pipiboskin,

Trinda yo, she's a friend of mine,

Catch up your own, if your body's of size.

Know every size and ship on stamina,

To make it all look cool and bubbly wine,

Rational ma boy.


Atilla dis, atilla dat,

Just let me go out there and I'll perform my act.


Atilla dis, atilla dat,

I couldn't go away because you called me a BOY!

Don't shimmy chop, don't shimmy rock,

Yes, Mr. Fritz, when the lyric man shops.

Wadadading wadadanding,

Churip pipipipipipipiboskin,

No no, churipipum, ripiboskin,


Me no see doh see doh, me no see doh see doh...

Me no see doh see doh...

Boy, I'm telling you these swankers,

I don't rumple and jump on your onboard soul.


Boomshakadok, pop it in the frock,

Listen to this song in bed watch the clock.


Crying now, why are you trying to live a lie,

Just never forget you are a good friend of mine.


Atilla dat,

I couldn't go away because you called me a BOY!

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