U-God - Wu Tang lyrics

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<br>[Chorus: U-God] <br>You ain´t heard us in a minute you heard us in a minute man <br>(Wu-Tang!) <br>I keep banging on you niggas finger on my trigger man <br>(Wu-Tang!) <br> <br>[U-God] <br>I love bankrolls stank hoes camera shots Kangols bangles <br>Pink records check it yeah I make those <br>More paper than Kinko´s check my lingo bingo <br>On my face honey not a wrinkle trinkle <br>My twinkle twinkle make your toenails crinkle <br>Twist up a dinkle and honey let´s mingle jingle <br>When the nightfall I´m tight with my white walls <br>The greedy pain draining on my life force <br>Behold the pale white horse the hype loss with tight jaws <br>Fight law off cuz I don´t like ya´ll <br>Huh I´m from the tar pits the hard target to squash the market <br>You´re brain washed watch the starships <br>I make cars flip Deck bomb atomic Islamic arms <br>Kiss the comet this time he´s gone <br>I grip the don rip arms out the socket cock it <br>Fly logic now watch me sky rocket watch it <br>Hot as the tropic get bulletproof asaphogus <br>Steel cage confidence burn it on a floppy disc <br>Swerve the metropolis my whole team in back of me <br>You just a half of ki I´m a coke factory <br> <br>[Chorus 2X] <br> <br>[Method Man] <br>Yo thank god it´s Friday like it´s just me and my chick <br>Cruising the highway she twisting my piff <br>You see I´m living proof that crime pay the type that go at a bitch <br>The type to shoot the gift and blow every clip <br>I know this money like the back of my hand you get the back of my hand <br>Just like a fiend who took a package and ran <br>Po-po be hopping out of passenger vans harrassing niggas in Park Hill <br>For marked bills ratchets and grams <br>So I move like I´m ducking a charge I´m trying to set up shop <br>Get this gwop get the fuck out of dodge <br>Most my niggas like to puff in the car most these hoes emotionally scared <br>And keep the works stuffed in they bras <br>This is ghetto rap where the pot be calling the kettle black <br>My bullets trynna see where they head is at I´m heading back <br>To the slums back to the block I got the Clan on my back <br>And you know we heading back to the top nigga <br> <br>[Chorus 2X]<br><!-- stopprint -->

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