U-God - Stop (Carry On) lyrics

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(feat. Ebony Burke)

[Intro: Ebony Burke]

I know you think you struggling

And everything looks bad

Over the hug, you can't get

And that just makes you mad

Can't trust the man beside you

And got no real true friends

Keep waiting on the day

When all your drama's gonna end

[Chorus: Ebony Burke]

Stop, look and listen

Life, is a blessing

Stop, all your stressing

You'll, find what's missing

Just carry on, just carry on, just carry on


Life's so short, but I'm suppose to do it

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view

Smell the fresh air, the morning dew

Let the sunshine come beaming through

Broken rules, beneath the crimes

We all god's creatures, the streets is mine

Forget your stress, release your mind

Take all your worries, leave 'em all behind

Now, peep my rhyme and you see my cause

We all got problems, we all got flaws

We all got heartaches, we all got sores

Just make sure you take care of you and yours



I got jewels for the mind, more fruit to eat

You are exceptional, you are unique

You are truly special, to be on earth

You are really blessed, it can be more worse

Now feel my hurt, hear my lions roar

Reach for your dreams and try to soar

Push through the door, the lord's thy sheppard

Lean on the shoulders, when times is hectic

People got problems, try to accept it

No food to eat, baby need pampers

People in the world need cures for cancer

I got questions, I need answers



This one right here, I compose this lyric

For your self esteem, to up lift your spirit

Take my kindness for weakness, and you try to smear it

All you dumb, deaf and blinds, ain't trynna to hear it

It's the jealousy, envy, lust and greed

Care less for what ya want, or more of what you need

And it's hard to believe and have faith in people

When you stuck in the battle over good and evil


[Outro: U-God]

Yo, don't worry ya head, sweetheart

Everything is gonna work out fine

If it was meant for you to have it

You'll have it, don't give up ya dreams, never

Ever, ever, give up ya dreams, keep on pushing

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