U-God - Pleasure and Pain lyrics

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Once again...

Through the storms... I gotta stay strong

Take deep breaths, hold on long, bring the harm

with no regrets, on my chest, let me knowledge be born

on levels, wild, devil copters mark my every step

When the riots form, my woman keeps me warm

>From Fort Green I sing the song mean

Bring the calm overseas, glide high in the skies

Sky dive... far... far as the eye could see

In the midst of acapell', I ball my fist up

Unravel, travellin to the cells of Gotti

I shot up a shell, will he drop? Will he flop?

Will he go pop a cell? Is his mind frail?

The worst is groove frantic, he expand the planet

Plan harder, your Godfather's plans failed

I air mail the senseless scar, two snub noses

Niggas love those expensive cars

Is it him and those twenty inch rims, splittin the tar?

An amazon woman from the stripbar

God, it varies, Halley Berry, stars eatin hard cherries

This world is bizarre, not bein far from Mars

Galaxy hoppin, non-stoppin the sun rays

Stay and paid for real, 'til I'm old and grey

Pretty legs, of course, soft as clay

Degrees, hot breeze in your hair all day, all day

Engaged a lot, rockin hot and cold chains

Is my brain vain? Flames, still dock the missles

Let off one, stay in your lane

Everybody got issues, I'm drunk off the rum

Numb, one case got thrown out in dismissal

Everybody got pistols, but will the referee blow the whistle

before I lock on your ass, bone gristle?

These streets is crystal, crystal, crystal

[Hell Razah]

Pleasure and pain, some took lead to the brain

Got rich and couldn't live for the end of the game

Government chain, breakin off the slavery chain

From a weddin to a funeral, it's pleasure and pain

Guns, gangs cock back, ready to aim

Call in Fergusons, ridin on the back of the train

Televisions and this cocaine, got us insane

We got to war, if we all got a burner, then flame

Baby showers, same day as nuclear showers

Prophecy's harsh, world will be destroyed in an hour

Shots fired in the night, from the heart of the coward

Stop the crow from the young flowers, from goin to Howard

Brooklyn Babe Ruth, raised in fatigues and boots

Blue-printin who we hittin, and we need to shoot

No description, all though it was dark, an Egyptain

And didn't have no love, but a grudge against Clinton


Representin... how much gold can one man claim?

Over horizon, recognize him, it's candy rain

Flusty, lookin out of dusty old window pane

with nothin to lose, but everythin to gain

So far to go, much more is unclaimed

No delay, when we spray, we Play IV Keeps in the Jeeps

stumpin somethin gritty, it's gun nitty in the city

that never sleeps, street sweepin

is senseless, intense, fenced in, fleein

A long road ahead, I'm still believin in my freedom

On the darkest day, I'd say your darkest hour

I came to realize, the sin is most inner-most power

So enchanted, cry inside, fryin and dancin

At God speed, damn it, fear is planted

Severe nature of man, there's still no cure

Seduce me, reduce me to ashes, caught in the law

Atoms scatter, brain lashes, to the core question

Still no answers, moves of the phantom, handsome

Midnight silence surround us, eye in the sky

Everythin is a lesson, RZA another God for all of your blessins

I'm reppin, grateful 'til I'm dead, hateful heads, we under Allah's


Essence of life, one second, after the blastin

I wonder, is Heaven truly everlastin?

I'm askin, I said it to four lost relatives missin, in action

Communication breakdown, it's all the same

Havin a nervous breakdown, draw you insane

It's just pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain

Another man's loss, another man's gain

Stay in the game, pleasure and pain

We treasure the fame, pleasure and pain

Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain, pain, pain, pain

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