U-God - Pain Inside lyrics

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(feat. Black Ice, Letha Face)

[Intro: U-God]

Let me bug out, let me bug out for a second (fucka!)

That's why... (oh! Muthafuckas!)

Mmm-mmm-mmm, it's gangsta, nigga

It's potent (Uh, Six Mill) East coastin', try to hide..

[Chorus: U-God]

All the pain inside

I had to face it that one day I'm gonna die

That's why I try to keep my head up towards the sky

Sit back and watch, let me take you on a ride

Uh, natural high..


Yo, yo, make it rain again, spit flame again

Now, watch how I'm aimin' 'em, my bare hands is stranglin'

Time to bang again, camera shots anglin'

That's right I got your head piece danglin'

Mic's is tanglin', toast champagne again

Coast to coast now, join the campaign again

I fuck more women than Wilt Chamberlain

It's, U-God, yeah he Back in the Game again

I'm titanium, mixed with uranium

Crack craniums, no tamin' him

Live at palladium (yeah), jam packed stadium (yeah)

Many men, you're afraid of him

Once they weighed him in, he flushed money down the drain again

Touched vein again, rocks I'm slangin' 'em

Cops can't finger him, SWAT can't bring him in

New millennium, we came to win


[Black Ice]

I move in silence, and let guns go to my enemies

Bud smoke and Hennessy, the remedy and toke is violent

Much slugs longer than Mini Me

Cross me, I lay down every one in your vicinity

Keep a fifty cali' or line me in the Akademiks jeans

If I catch a homi', somebody probably run and snitched on me

Rats, runnin' round talkin' this and that

Some white chicks I spit til your wigs sit back

I grind these cracks, cuz I need cash

G stacks, I lay my game down flat like a Chinese ass

You heard me? Bitches wanna observe me, learn me

My mission is gettin' Ritz like Jersey, chips for attorney's

Commissary for niggaz that's in the pen thirsty

A big truck, your trick hypnotize by the twirlies

It's Ice, from Shaolin to Crenshaw, dirty

Luv Allah, dump a clip off, at the BX, early


[Letha Face]

Why ... the angels came down and pushed the devil in the dirt

Jerked the memory exist on the iron-on T-shirt

Pythons squeeze til your face turns purple

It's a race to murder you and I'm jumpin' the gun

Dump and run, the long nose cuttin' the soldier's tongue

Your nervous from the burners I'm squeezin'

Without a learner's permit, to carry

The calico stays concealed, if revealead

I must spray this clip through your windshield, it's rea

My whole team reigns supreme, the infrared tech beams

On my next swing, the heavy chain

Deadly but steady aim, I cry "tears of the sun"

That'll burn the iron hot, as I'm piercin' through your lungs

It's strung by my drug dealer's doses

Ferocious slang that'll bang up your brains in roller coasters

Posters in the background ready to clap rounds

And empty up whole magazines up to the last round


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