U-God - Lipton lyrics

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Yo, yo, magnificent high score, master plan, the crowd roar

Throw up daily dosage, get ready for the down pour

Human cannonball, matador, standing next to door

Battle ya'll, sound more, get ready for the round four

Ground war, jigsaw, bearhug, bearclaw

Slimeball, crime bosses, you better count your losses

Dark lord, divorce court, hot sauce, the pen glide

Then fly, Bangkok, Chinese, Shanghai

Red wine, fed time, bring crime, the cake rise

Take mines, break spines, watch for them snake eyes

Break ties, shake thighs, watch how them dollars flow

Scholar's home, monotone, crush 'em on they collarbone

Cyclone, you styrofoam, up against the Wu brand

Big gun to hold it, it's gonna take two hands

Check the newstand, I'm running with the Manual

Flammable, animals, call me a dynamo

Hannibal on elephants, got you in a stranglehold

Black man legal Gambino and my bangles gold

Hand in the finger bowl, your face is on my chrome gauge

Strapped with a bomb, gonna blow you to the Stone Age

Woo ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooooh

Ay, ay, the way she shake it

Ay, ay, I can't take it

Ay, ay, the way she take it

Ay, ay, I can't shake it

Yo, ever ready wordplay, conscious survey

Mountains fall crumble, impact your chestplate

Heavyweight, ankles swing, therapy Bowflex

Snowman, gold kid, melt you in your vortex

Raw sex vibe, ultraviolet on the sex drive

Forty five wives, new silent with my tech nines

Respect mine in chalk line, smash for your drama talk

Backflips, somersault, chopped by the tomahawk

Pop off, mozoltov, stung by the voodoo

Old school, new school, invest like the Jews do

Your broke ass, no class, broadcast on YouTube

Fake boobs, handjobs, state troops to damn slobs

Hate you, fuck off, hate you with duck sauce

Feathers get, plucked off, when I cough with ink dust

Linked up, inked up, strokes from the paintbrush

Go for your taste buds, shrooms and I stay buzzed

Music for your forehead, smashed on your horse face

Wu on the warhead, crash through your tourgates

Scott knocks, is on the ball

Let's rock, she love the boss

Oh god, she loves the mutt

Jump up, and go for my mine

It's so deep, you get cross-eyed

Take that heat, and roll outside

Black handprints on the wall

Black handprints on the wall

I say I'm pimping, bitches on kneepads

Lipton, sipping the tea bag

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