U-God - Lean Like Me lyrics

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It's your time, baby, when it comes, it comes

I come down crashin' like a hundred tons

Run sound through you, if you want it grunge

Soak up the lyric like a human sponge

Slow down baby, don't jump the gun

Song sound crazy when he pump the drums

One's in my pocket, gators half ostrich

Style created by the 36 monsters

Sponsors in the building, franchise the concert

Snatch mob besmirched, watch the don work

Go berserk, tear off your shirt, the scenery

It's V.I.P., you can't lean like me

[Chorus x2: U-God]

Song sound crazy when you pump the drums

Slow down baby, don't jump the gun

Straight from the slums to the V.I.P

It's the gangsta scene, you can't lean like me


Guess who's back just to blow your mind

Zero to nine, nigga, press rewind

In the ball room grind, on her fat behind

Throw it back when you wine cuz the meat is prime

I'm, too hot to handle, too cold to hold

Fresh off parole with a monster stroke

Soul control the dance floor, what more can you ask for?

Rush the back door, amped off the raw

The champ in valor, hammers galore

Off the wall, sweat cognac out the pores

Down by law, you won't make it to round four

Shake it, don't break it, what more can you ask for?

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: U-God]

Blood style did the scenery

Blowin' on that greenery

Pushin' heavy machinery

It's the gangsta scene, you can't lean like me


It's the master of ceremonies, king of rump shakers

Back, it's the bold in the golden bracelets

Need to roll a facelift, you die if the paint chip

Hit the hydraulic, then I raise up the spaceship

Drop, off gracious, cuz you're obsolete

The twenty inch chrome blade chop up the street

On the shopping spree, for the chocolate tree

I stay tailgated by the unmarked beast

With the sticker on the bumper say "fuck the police"

When I pass, bury me gangsta with my gold teeth

The O.G., U.G.O.D., with the trophy

Switch my name to Jody, cuz Goldie's the old me

[Chorus x2]


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