U-God - Hit 'em Up, Roll Out lyrics

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(feat. Leathafase)


What's the outcome when your testing mines?

Snatch spies when the weapon reclies

The headlines read the man of steel made him bleed

Shooting a trigger, super nigga called Christopher Reeves

No tricks up my sleeve, what lies in my fist, won't permit you breathe

Hit you with three, now when you piss you bleed

A risk indeed, my format can kill, on a warpath

Thoughts crashed, fasten your grill

Mastered the skill of tongue lashing, and still

I unfasten my Jordans, spill out the raw

Peel out the four, with the fifth attached

The impact, was forced, you caught the kick back

Clap the star, where the bullet was lodged in the boulevard

It's hard crash, blow your car

Oddjob, some rob, some resort to God

Some snort the import, they got lost in the fog

Afford your cars, Lamborghinis, bikini's, pinky rings blingy

Blowin' the stinky, drink with me

Bang to the fullest respect, stay in check

Or lay down, when I'm pullin' the tech

I jet on your set, to disconnect it

Life support system, direct, your wreckless

The Texas Chainsaw, sever you brains off

To hang the cost, when I flame the torch

[Chorus x2: Leathafase (U-God)]

We hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up

(Then ride out, ride out, ride out, ride out)


The sharp and expensive, blinding ya senses

Lean back in the stretch Lex'

Crack the treasure chest, it's one of the best

Now, feel the force of the full court press

I apply the kiss of death, something for real

The realness, untouchable Elliott Ness

Yo select a vet, take me off the bench, I'm supposed to lynch

The angel in the air, you can smell the stench

Soldiers in the trench, moving east to west

I gave you a note, you can keep the rest

Rip the whole coast, when I heat the flesh

At the Greek Fest, hit a couple of bars

Smash whips and strips like bumper cars

Your amongst the odds and what lies in the pelly'

The baby glock nine, the size of a celly

Now it's a "Dilemma" like Nelly and Kelly

Milk Pirelli tire, when I put that in a hurry

With a fist of fury, martini with a cherry

Very necessery when I make it to the top

On my cock, Halle Berry

Staten Island Ferry where the legends were made

In the staircase, throw a rap grenade

Take it back in the day, get clapped for ya chain

Left your bloodbath on behalf of the pain

He's a high grain bullet, women call him daddy

Fish tank shoes, jumped out the Caddy

Grand finale, yo, the champ is here

The cameras glare under the chandelier

Why you standing there, like you can hold it down

There's nine of us, only one can wear the crown

Tear it down, down to the last compound

New York mix with a Compton style

Go bonkers wild on ya stomping ground

Lay down the carpet when I walk down the aisle

Telephone, he keep stalking the child

For a misdemeanor, now I'm going to trial

Secluded in exhile, like my sex wild

Private jet style, who the livest vet now?

Pass me a wet towel, don't get vexed, now

Beat onto your chest when I let the tech growl

[Chorus x2]

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