U-God - Hips lyrics

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Yo, Yo, the average man couldn't last that long

She like to work out, run marathons

She wear tight skirts with no panties on

She's a six foot one bronze Amazon

Say it, complaining all the good men is gone

I'm from Babylon, she reads the Qur'an

Visits all the jails and the nail salons

Rock Coco Chanel, her smell was strong

With skin like velvet she rocked my bed

Buffed my helmet, sipping Long Island Red

She spread eagle at the tip of the bed

I rubbed on her legs this is what I said

That's how I like my chicks, heavy on the hips

Jump up, bounce with me, what's up honey dip

That's how I like my chicks, heavy on the hips

Jump up, bounce with me, come up over here

She's a thing of beauty, she's so mean

Heavy in them jeans, every man's dream

As real as it may seem I approach you with calm speech

I'm form New York, honey from Long Beach

She's intelligent, the President's arm piece

But that's irrelevant, I'm in like Flint

She nicknamed her breastesses the Wonder Twins

She went to the exorcist it's under skin

She loved grown men, she loved the thrills

She jumped out the Benz with the buns of steel

She's the trend setter on the cover of Maxim

Secluded in the cabin in the hills of Aspen

Life's always boring, she needed some action

She had passion with Louis Vuitton hand bags

She didn't like the chronic but she loved my swag

She loved giving head when she's on the rag

She did her dip, almost broke my hip

That girl, she was, getting down

Told her to go home, told her to leave me alone

Look at that girl, she kept, getting down, down, down

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