U-God - Heart Of Stone lyrics

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[Chorus: U-God]

I got a heart of stone, flesh and bone

Red skin tone, rap syndrome


I'm that street sweeper, dope beat finder

Forty four piece, keep on pushing with a meat grinder

Heat mizer, to all you competitors

You regular, regular, I'm ten steps ahead of ya

Return of the predator, let me demonstrate

Make niggaz spill blood like women menunstrate

And I'm, fresh out the gate, guess who trunkin' through

If he fight to the death, I'mma buckle you

Yea, I'm all stressed out, I'm not confortable

I don't play by your rules, I stick and move

Everyday that you do, catches up to you

I want my cake and eat it too, stop the game

Leave bruises on your neck, when I pop your chain

Yeah, the hunger/pain, make me an awesome thug

I'm my own verdict, fuck the jury, the judge

Yeah, hear me loud, I bring fury to clubs



I rap gritty, cuz the city's infested

I got the city trapped, trapped in my deathgrip

When the tech spit, we bang out excedrin

Yeah, you wet kid, the aftershock's around ya

Can't wait to let off, the eighteen pounder

The bulldog growler, potato on the end

I don't turn belly up, or jelly on a friend

They held me in the pens, twenty three hour options

Locked in, now I'm in the top ten

I'll never bend, heads give up

When I, see ready for, dead in the dust

I throw up the crust, then I shatter they mask

It's a must, it's a must, that I shoot fast, come on!



The streets is like Satan, I'm from the Hill

Cuz people keep hating, cuz I score at will

Don't fuck with new niggaz, I figured they wired

I set 'em on fire, like the name was Pryor

I'm a livewire brother, that's something superb

Want a glass room mansion, up in New Jers'

Puff a dutch and an herb, stay in touch with ya bird

In an all black Phantom, crushing the curbs

Spill my guts on my word, cuz my measure is lethal

From the Oooh Building, my Resident Evil

Throw consecutive free throws, I'm poppin' the Don

Better, clear the way, another blow from the Arm

And don't be alarmed, when I'm scrappin' this CREAM

With knicks the size of ice cubes, taking your fiends

And I popped out the rifle and M-16

You see me on the screen with the Charlie's Angels

All in the closet, keep nothing but Kangols

Catch him in Bahamas eating all the mango's

Call in for drama, bring on the pay load

[Chorus x2]

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