U-God - God Is Love (feat. CappaDonna and Killah Priest) lyrics

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[Intro: Cappadonna]

Stay ya'll, atonement, this one is for you, yessir, aiyo


Aiyo, I grab flows and throw 'em with a twist of the wrist

I throw one inside your house like a Christmas gift

I'm the reason why these MC's be changing they flow

Cause everytime I spit mine, they can't get no dough

Now ya'll rappers pay attention, ya'll don't know what it is

You just tearing the blocks down and shooting at kids

You not a thug to me now, and yeah, I know your type

You just wild to ya self, you not wild in the club

You with your boys all the time, like a homo thug

You ain't never with the honeys, you don't get no love

You make music for these assholes that be on the block

I make music for the world, just to bring up my stock

Come on ya'll, ya'll don't really know what it do

I drop jewels in your head like it's Purell shampoo

Martin Luther King & Malcolm X, Don' and Baby U

Spit the gospel in our rap, take brothers to church

Ya'll taught 'em to sell crack, but we show 'em they worth

Wu-Tang music, this is how it suppose to sound

Ya'll keep picking up the hood, while you putting us down

God is love, come on, ya'll

[Chorus: Cappadonna]

Come on, God is love, everybody say God is love

Come on, ya'll say God is love

God is love, love, God is love, love


Gotta change my ways, my mother warned me

Calmly'll speak, time to air my dirty laundry

Angels that guard my body, lord, I'm sorry

Lord, I'm sorry for the things I did

It's strange out here, we bang out here

Killas, drug dealers, they hang out there

Cold stares, we don't care, we braid our hair

Lord, they hate out there, and there's jakes out where

Got plan to escape, they fake out here

Yea, they snakes out here, full of lies and deceit

Yea, they take out here, son died on his feet

Son cried in his sleep, can't forget his past

He lost a glass ring, just to flip some cash

He cried on the visit, his daughter kissed the glass

I need your blessings, but I missed the mass

I changed my ways, gotta shift the math

I picked my path, my wrongs is right

I used to hustle to the morning light

Then I found out, son, that there's more to life

They focused, indeed, my songs is tight

And survival of the fittest, with all my might

Got my legs and my brain, and all my sight

No more grief, and my teeth is white

And I never give up, and I keep the light

[Chorus x2]

[Killah Priest:]

Hurses past us, demos, cast in stained glass windows

Pubes, pools of baptism, views of black victims

I snooze, catch visions of a beautiful world

No funerals, God musical, unusual pearls

Then, after it's judgement, then after the blood rips

Off of body and soul, we like Marcus Garvey in the godliest robes

And I awake from the sound of organs

The sound of families mourning, fallen grabbing his coffin

Will he fall or carried by the Lord wings

Absorbed in all the evil, that we do as the youth

So we, teach 'em the truth, you, teach 'em to shoot

Eve, ate out my fruit, then she, ate at my loot

Now we, pitch on the stoupe, til we rich in the coupe

Then someone snitch, you're found stiff in your boots

You need lessons, brothers, while I predicted the booth

Proverbs is truth, so who you listening to?

[Chorus x2]

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