U-God - Coke (feat. Raekwon) lyrics

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Fix your face, when we rhyming, we been crazy

Throw mad bullets at you, jumping in new spacely

All my goons is frustrated, groan at they P.O.'s

It's obvious, we do this, we bust haters

Yo, gun selectors, dumb detectors

Chase my niggas, talking slick, where that Lex kid at?

You know we cool and we Darth Vaders

Always in black uniforms, rocking Clarks and sharp gators

Can't tell me nothing, I've been shaking

Pull out them slammers, regulate the streets, I bake Satan

How many of us it take paper and start a war

It's like starting up a store that sell aces

All my colors and bad brothers, rag coverage

Black gloveses, leathers and glass lovers

Introduce these leaders, wanna take money

These dick beaters, and strangle something up, go get Jesus

[Chorus: Y-Not Da Beast]

Look, the coke, the coka, the cocaine

The C-O-K-E, it's coke, man

They lift the weight up in snow plains

You sniff an eighth up in your brain

The coke, the coka, the cocaine

The C-O-K-E, it's coke, man

The prices rise like some propane

The nicest guys become so fame


Illegal transport, son, I throw bombs back and forth

It's a contact sport, get your arm cracked off

Yo, I blast like I'm task force, stashed in my dash board

Exercise black thought, dance on a catwalk

Grew up on the asphalt, trynna get my grams off

Watch for the hand off, I'm a get my plans off

Like you and your mans off, everybody huddle up

Twenty cent dime pieces, watch the water bubble up

A piece of the puzzle, son, pieces, crumble up

My old righteous troublesome, now I'm into major things

Made it this far, kid, the God got on angel wings

Everytime the flavor bring, tons of coke, mad gross

Two cuts of lactose, I'm underground like railroad

Mad low, son, in this hellhole, an animal

Friendship be flammable, no shame for some to blow

Brains out for fun, over cocaine and guns



Ever since a little youth, I've been bent on stoupes, sipping gin and juice

In the booth, fill the dope game, shooting on bent up hoops

Roll around in stolen cars, nah these ain't no rented coupes

Grimeys behind me, they all grimey, ninety percent of controlled

Lying in the booth, put the ashes in the pipe

Blowtorch to the crack, my fire is winter proof

Old thoughts of black and white pictures, now they developing

Skeletons surrounded by archangels and seraphims

Telegram packages distributed through the whole hood

Tell him this racquet is bad for him but it's so good

Are you a fighter? Real life scuffle, no dirt clean

Plus a muthafucka had to hustle since 13

I got my mind in focus, where you never been at

How you think I made a hundred grand, from where my pen's at

Fuck the fortune and the glamour, I don't need no fame

I piss whiskey and spit fire, I bleed cocaine, muthafucka


[Outro: U-God]





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