U-God - Bizarre lyrics

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* Sampled '70's soul singer singing "so bizarre" all throughout song *


Feel the heat from the streets, I got to eat

Talk what I walk, I stalk with bronze feet

Ancient spells, yell durag sheet

She rags sheet, jump on the jame with with 36 peak

Beat up the beat, overload rap treat mix

Cape in the wind like the John Wu flix

Now, take the spirit, crash more clearer

The spreadin of body, covers the man in the mirror

Kick down the door, unlease the Terror Fam

Cracklin, screamin, crime who I am *echo*

Who else could cut, well budge, eye on the tiger rap

Rule the rough mind stap, cryin, his eyes strapped

Beneath clothin, prehaps speed glowin

The golden wise domes, blizzard unknown

The unforbidden, got to live, wildstyle begun

So uplift the mind, boy I'll bring out the sun

[Chorus x2: U-God]

You trapped in this rap in this world bizarre

And ya hit pretty hard in the city of frauds

but uplift the mind and I heal ya scars

Cuz risk pullers small, we all shinin stars


Now, first of all, yo, we ain't no saints

Can we lay in the trench and rock the war paint?

The same feelin scheme, temper made the rhythm mean

My self-esteem, my '98 blade hit 'em

Link spot blast, even though I shot last

The underdog stranger, superfreak hot blast

The hard drop rip is a hostile swing

Kiss my Redemption with a fist full of sting

Swift with the gifts, it's the God Body Squad

It's not a myth, we defy all laws

Now, reach for the stars, now top to the limit

but, all in the all be grateful to be livin

While we work the muscle, we meditate the hustle

Serious the world, experience this struggle

The razor voice, flavor choice steam, redeem

We feelin calmy now to dominate the scene

The grass more green, attack speed dem(on)

The cliffhanger vaccine, man in machine *echo*

Now from round one, mayor style sum

I won't stop the war till y'all drown in my drum

[Chorus x2]


Now, here come the rhythm, style that's moist

Now, it's up from the Hell with the olive oil voice

Now hurry my hurt, bury dirt deep within

Against witty rap war startin, robbin in the wind

Great blue skies and the great red birds

>From the pitch black city with the long link verbs

Golden Arms song truly to restore the Earth's beauty

Grant me a beast, stamp kill me with the jury

When I tone a capell, Hell has beauty

A force has awakened, breath-takin vengeance

Midnight power plant, seekin the menace

My wrestlin vest, lyric fresh, dry bone

My appetite distruction is official cyclones

Thai poems, my throne

One shot fill, bigger homes, bigger stones

It's on now!!!

[Chorus x2]

Kung Fu movie sample:

[Man #1] We're the best, I assure you.

[Man #2] That's not what I've heard.

There's a lot of Shaolin men around here.

[Man #3] They're not important.

[Man #1] Are you trying to deceive me?

[Man #2] Those damn Shaolin students. They're just a bunch of rebels.

Time and again in the past, the court has given orders,

to wipe them out!

[Man #4] Be the Shaolin, and a good teacher.

[Man #3] Who is this man?

[Man #4] The God of War!

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