U-God - A Long Time Ago lyrics

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(feat. Ebony Burke)


My mother said my father was a real livewire

Hustled on the avenue of Lennox

That he was a don, shot dope in his arm

Paid visits to the methodon clinic

A straight womanizer, no religion

He just leaned on bitches

His name rung in the slums, niggaz run for they gun

Blood thirsty, he was so vicious

[Chorus: U-God (Ebony Burke)]

Poppa was a rolling stone (he left a long time ago)

Poppa was a rolling stone (he never ever was at home, no, no)

Momma said daddy's dead (stop messing with the baby's head)

One day he'll grow up strong (one day he'll be a man)


Momma said father was a mean muthafucka

A clean muthafucka, a lean muthafucka

Got money in the pot, got his pops in the block

For sellings rocks, a dope fiend, muthafuckas

He struggled all his life, got blood on his knife

Light skinned, he had your eyes

But my mother couldn't handle him

The liquor, the gambling, plus he had four wives



My mother said my father had a real bad temper

Loud, wild, he was too foul

With no hesitation, he would kill you

With no education, he was still proud

With his brother Big Harvey, he did a bank robbery

A car flipped, all the money spilled out

Before it was done, police caught him with some

Riddle of bullets, he died in a shootout

[Chorus x2]

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