Ty$ - Cheeks On My Meat

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When i come through

You best cough your hoe

Cause my hoe .. not on her it makes you open it and get a dose of it

.. I don’t really want her like that

I don’t really own her like that but she I am in

The middle of the party with her booty on my boxers

.. but I get it got my boxer tell me what you know about it

Would she drop it on my pocket.. bitch shoes up

You are looking Braun when your chick shows up

Chicks .. get her hotter than … my swag will be the reason

The only … deep cause my money … shake her like a bunny

.. pretty soldier we show up .. that your face shows up

..i am gonna let my digits .. shake … for the person

For the bad bitches … say I love my city . try to get drunk with me

Than meet me at my side .. we show up that your face shows up

Chicks to my link chicks to my link

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