rate me

Rollin' in a golden Tacoma, the shit's stolen

If that bitch tell on me, I'm a do a fuckin' drive-by in her colon

With my meat, gotta keep it obsolete

Like Chris Brown when Rihanna got her fuckin' ass beat

Fuck Jeeves ask me for advice, if I'm not reading advice

I'm squatting down, picking cracker bitches scalp for some lice

Everything that I write is dope because the pipe

And nope you can't have a hit unless you gimmie the light

We be burnin' dirty rocks with a light switch

Bitch nigga, you about as hard as a dikes clit

I'm goin as hard [?]

After I bought a Sidekick and sent that fag some nice pics

They say I try too goddamn hard

No shit, I want a Grammy you damn retard

You can't be great when you settle for flea bargain

Unless you're a thrift hipster bitch in a leotard

Painless, Hodgy lost his motherfucking mind because the brain left

Wolf Gang got the ink on me now it's banged out

Box Logo hoodie, still haven't got the stains out

Congress, ah yes, I'm fuckin' with the best blondes

Um yes, I am now beating off to mom sex

Raquel is wrestling a prom dress

While me and Ray Charles have a fucking staring contest

To all the step dads in here

Triple six kids got you motherfuck scared

Could be worse, nigga that's absurd

Nigga I am at Pharrell's tryna butt fuck nerds

This just in, Tyler the Creator and Justin Bieber

Was just in the room flippin' Selena Gomez

Go 'head, give some, pucker up

I'll fuck her up until the kids come in, umm

After Tron Cat I got the rat shook and I ain't even have a hook

For the white kids to sing along

I don't wanna sing a song, fuck that

Now cyber bully sissies on my little sisters Macbook

I got you niggas nervous like a pop

Tryna ask a virgin how a vegan daughter where the cock goes

Wake up, wash ass, go and eat some Rosco's

Head back to the studio and munch up on some tacos

When I was younger I was bitchin' in

Now I'm coming quicker than the shit that's swimmin' in my sock hole

When them teeny boppers ain't around so Johnson and Johnson baby lotion

Bead on my Johnson till my cock swole

Stop sayin' sick shit it's kinda old

I'm a fucking Herpe in a coma you're a common cold

Have you heard my brother verse on Llama?

When that nigga's home, me, him and Hodgy gonna take the game and

Get a stainless steel AK and aim it

To the fucking referees head and put his lifeless body

In a choke hold, uh-oh, these niggas is loco

Best thing smokin' is all of the tobacco

Still hard to be black well

Malcolm X would be proud this white bitch is getting black mailed

Blue wide cracker named Ginny, and skinny

And Obama wanted change, I threw a couple fucking pennies at him

Just a chip off the old block

Chipped tooth got some dick off my swole cock

Cause I bag bitches, she's a zip off the old lock

And that's just a logo on the center of that old box

Oh stop, tryna be me, kids will go cop anything

That I put on from the gold watch to the boxers that I put on

Probably cause I'm goin harder than erect cock dick through a botox

Oh shit, you're as hard as senior citizens dick

Oh fuck, don't slip break hips and pop backs

Show some respect to old chaps with my left fist

Cause I'm the next best spitting wreck that's left here

That's my ex bitch, heard she's my next bitch

Have you met her mouth? No? Oh that's my bestest

Bestie, and she gets beastie

And she's my favorite babysitter cause the children never exit

I was taught to act my shoe size, I'm eleven and a half

Cock the umbrella cause when I spit Seven on your ass

It's gonna be mid stage Coachella

Shake faggot ass keep hatin'

But I work hard for the shit that I got

So I still fuck 2DopeBoyz and fuck Planet Earth

All associates can suck cock

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