TYLER THE CREATOR - Sipping on Some Syrup

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Tall skinny flaco, that's for my nigga Paco

I enchilada bitches and I'm eating up they taco

"Eat me, beat me like Chris did Rhi-Rhi"

F U, OF to the muthafucking D-E-A-T

HD-Ice cream is tasty

The paley pink pussy on these white bitches is pasty

Herpes, I probably got, sickness it's probably snot

Dripping and you being iller than me, probably not

I'm snorting lines with cokey, I do the hokey pokey

Dumber than corny jokester, horny hoes wanna poke me

I'm dope you wanna smoke me, you don't know the effects

Of an asshole perspective, fuck respect

I think my asthma flaring, but Sarah wasn't caring

She left, so I beat my fucking meat just like abusive parents

Hot like Fahrenheit, I'm tight just like virgin twat

Fucking awesome that I am but a lot of swag that I'm not

Ace the Creator, chronic masturbator

I'm sipping on some, pissing on some, kissing on some bitch

That I just met and I'mma fuck her, cause she wet

I use no rubber and I make it stretch like Flubber, what you thought

"I'm not under-covers" just like the cosby sheet on my cock like police be

Y'all niggas see me, AC, OF,fuck it

Macaroni, I'm horny, these bitches on me like herpes

These bitches coughing I'll eat they coochie, I'm burping like Burpie

These niggas looking at me like I'm Ernie, but I'm more Berthy

Shit that I'm rocking it ticking and tocking

No watch and no chain, I do not make it rain, I bring the drought

Cause it's money I'm without, the shoes is fucking beat up

The dirties fucking heat up, them nolly treasures see us

The "fuck you buster" skate video coming, two-thousand and nine

We fine, we flying high, in the sky

Naw we flying in Ocean, the potion, I got the motion like

Piano keys got these bitches on they knees

Begging please like uno, dos, tres, three

Mexican bitches they love the cock like they love the cheese

From overseas back to Africa-ca, I slappy ya

Like a kung-fu movie actor, get my fist and we attacking y'all

Y'all, naw, nigga no skinny jeans over here

Y'all niggas is queer, jerking with other niggas

Working with them other niggas, broke as fuck

Not counting figures but guess what, I'm happy with life

Me and niggas ballin' we broke though, we got yo ho though

Yellow t-shirts, like egg yolk though

Fucking clean, you know the hat it stay Supreme

The fucking closet full of fresh jock, Bape and Ice Cream

Half of it no charge, half it no barge

Half of it discount, half of it at bargain

Niggas is looking at us wishing they charge, like a charge car

But they can't cause this my credit card

Y'all niggas got blue shit, y'all not using them black cards

All y'all niggas front when in ya heels

While all y'all acting harder than dicks when they see a bitch

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