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[Verse 1: Tyler]

I'm Tyler, Mr. Green Hat, pro-abortion anti-clean rap

Fuck your blog opinion and your feedback

My self-respect I leave that, in the lost and found

Where the black girls get their weaves back

Awesome I achieve that minnie, blastin' "You're a jerk"

In some fuckin' yellow skinnies lookin' like a fuckin' faggot

Bouncin' round the house tryna find an easy way to rape minnie

Bet you thirty dollars you find her like Cartman found Kenny dead

I like my girls smart, skinny

Kinda poptart, when I bite into 'em red

I'm a self-racist, you should tape this, I'm the rapist

I'm a fascist, fuck fashion, Gucci belts is for them faggots

My hat is by GB, if you got a fuckin' problem

With the future, you can get a death wish just like a tiba

Fuck the biz apparent, Odd Future errant

I'm watchin' the berrics gettin' head from someone's parent

Blind fuckin' hate inside my heart, guaranteed

That I'm sharin' in the force with the cyclops starin'

I'm flyin' on the beaver, you're a disbeliever

So don't ask for no muthafuckin' ride when you see us

Swim right past you, the shitlist said that I'm nutty

Cause I jack off with dish soap and smell gas fumes

Permanent brain damage similar to tattoos

The shit you can mention me if anybody ask you

Care to juggle with the cash news?

You didn't see me here if someone ask you

[Verse 2: Hodgy]

I wanna feel her in every way

Mary Jane keeps me high like every day

Bong, vaporizer in the sack now

Stuck in my high, afraid of heights, I'm trapped

Buy a swisher for a dollar or two blunt wraps

Roll it up and make sure that everything's fat

She ain't got time to try to relieve ya

But she'll get all in your head, sativa

[Verse 3: BranDun]

I'm good but y'all don't want me like vegetables

I'm all in front of you zeroes like decimals

Let's take 'em high like the decibels

So we get 'em high, get 'em high like cholesterol

In the overweight motherlover, my tracks is filled with blubber

That's fat, who needs another producer?

Go get it from Odd Future used to ride solo

Cause I ain't really care what the rest say

Type of nigga to jerk off to his own sex tape

Best stay away been doin' clothes, I show up before hoes

Best believe I'm leavin' with more of those

And I got a girlfriend so I'm a keep lyin' 'til the verse end


Bran Deshay, Hodgy Beats, Ace the Creator

Odd Future, O.F. until, until from now until forever

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