TYLER THE CREATOR - Rella feat Hodgy, Domo Genesis

rate me

I fuck this flow!

This is my electronic press kit

I hot as some fresh shit

Nigger recollect, bitch... don't stress it

I text message, messages to fuckin...

She lets me in, I sex her then

She's sexier than my leather vans as i never am purchasing, reimbursing..

to work the street... heard she's sweet, she hershey sweet

But me, I'm extravagant!

I bought a band wagon kid

I'm about to tell you some tragic shit

Your love is lost and the drugs ain't count,

and the studio makes some profit

bitches Vision my drawes like you vision my drawes

Nigger, my dick is in her jaw.

I'm West snipes with land pipes don't dabble with that apple cause the swagger like... and apples in a snapple

Fuck the king of the raffle, king of the castle, (nigger)

Got this ...

Making money in the present, and it's safe for my transit...


Suicide watch nigger, kill yourself,

opposition who? nigger, we feel yourself

how you steal my swaggin figgure you're still yourself?,

in a cell creeping in this bitch, you couldn't feel ...

Wolves are prowlin hunger at its fucking best

I'm a beast like a gorilla, and that is on my chest

Please, let me flex, I'm going off, I need some fucking bread

Drugs is green, my bitch is white, and tonight I need fucking head

Excuse this swag I'm trying to tone it down like jenny craig

fresh to death and I guess we're looking like the living dead

oh shit, your bitch, looking how I'm doing you

Bitches on my dick, well look at me, I'm fucking beautiful!

Niggers trying to figure while all I hear in my interviews

Is why is this so cool, you niggers are so unusual.

Wolf gang, point me to a nigger I should prove it to

Under pressure we just stay in the middle like hoola hoops.

The fortress is fortified, (bitch!)

Money in my pockets like I'm forty five

Hodgy beats recording live, bitch I'll be shurley high

And I dont need wings to fly, I'm in the air with the pigs left brain, Domo genisis

Knock, knock, who's there?

It's me, Travis is a huge anus

I killed that pussy and grabbed that knife

Now I got real off than the cheetah print shit (nigger you're a liar!)

Nigger, don't believe me, kiss your lady

And where you gonna get them heebie jeebies

Nigger, my dick stay way diseasey

I'll make you look easy, fifty one, fifty I'm off the heazy!

You ain't got no fucking yeazy!

Five albums and a hundred songs and you ain't got no fucking ea-

I bet you guys got some..You ain't got no fucking yeazy?

Came in the game like Speedy Gonzales

I'm fucking looney see these girls talking all that shit

What? I'm just trying to see some tits

what? Let's get a popping like, MC light

I brought some dykes ah

Out this bitch like hocus pocus

Me and Lucas got a couple of pickles

i met him with some bitches

and a couple of dimples

and then my dick went limpso

took about 3 pills of extenvo

now by dick wont get in a 5 door limo

harder than a soft right hook from kimbo

1 PCPS silentro

When im with your bitch im like "WHERE'D MY DICK GO?"

now she think i'm about to eat her hole

encholada i got a lotta that premium and i'm payin nada and it seems i'm proud of placement But i'm not i'm just fuckin awesome Your mama look like an ugly (fuck you) loser

Thanks to Helen T.S for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to but for correcting these lyrics

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Monday 29th of April 2013 20:23
lol Helen TS failed hard on this shit.
Thursday 5th of April 2012 22:37
this is so fcking inaccurate u retards!! >:L (an wat rapper says nigger like tht????)