rate me

Gig fax stupid loser find the road to hang,

I'm not by policy, I'm just known by a couple lames,

I wanna tell my pop the shit,

They will probably say the same


Hated by everyone that's the way it seems,

Don't know it's shorter, it's been tempered by myself esteem

I seat in my room and I listen the tunes,

I'm amused alone 'cause now with the cool kids,

now let me tell the team

depression is on the stock again

my best friends and inhaler,

'cause it will not let me cuffin

never I am losing oxygen,

bullet hanging bout my neck,

'cause if I'm disrespected when I decided to talk again

I walked that on my soucy I should know my place,

not at lunch time, see I'm no better

then I'll show my face surround them,

but the day I do would be everywhere

when I share the ..they gonna f*ck and care.

Grab a couple friends, start a couple rents,

Crash a couple..

Then gather all the bullies, question motherf*ckers

Odd Future hooligans, causing up a ruckus,

It's us nigga.

I said it's us nigga.

Murder, murder and murder the last it hurt you

was when I..went all then burn to you.

think that I'm some punk bully bitch

you ain't but trouble you.

Well I'ma burst your bubble two times,

if you don't mind I'm

Who are you again?

I'm Sammy and that's Tyler

we came to get wild the style, this stretch cold,

Don't start asking what's packing in this stretch cold.

Just north if you know I'm used I'm grabing for this stretch cold.

My step father called me a fat,

I showed my fat and I'm like a fire up in his head,

and recently them assholes when f*ck with me in class,

so I'ma keep the motherf*ckers and then make sure they pass.

My crime they should..this is my offer,

So I'ma..when the principle is awful, oh

Now you wanna conversate, it's me and trying to be my friend,

Don't worry, you'll probably never see them again.

Grab a couple friends, start a couple rents,

Crash a couple..

Then gather all the bullies, question motherf*ckers

Its Odd Future hooligans, causing up the rockets,

It's us nigga.

I said it's us nigga.

Wait the sounds and we're dad it's just four of us,

we come in peace, you mean no harm,

and with then glorious

we took the heads, but we just took back what they took from us.

I guess we lost ours.

Music has nothing to do with my final decision

I just really wanted somebody to come pay me attention

But nobody would listen,

but the stuffed animals that I had since I was a kid,

but I'm growing up so to listen,

I didn't mean to hurt anybody I'm sorry

I wouldn't horrify consider joy in the army

I'm hardly ever angry why you ever frame me,

Mama I'm the same f*ck the kid that you may see,

I don't wanna go to jail, I just wanna go home

and I want them f*cking kids at school just leave me alone,

and I hear helicopters making deep,

I'm f*cking loaded, I told you that I ain't taking shit,

you better bad to be for this..start to mix em,

my proper my mind halo like laughing

the difference between us ain't our class to take cacky,

I got 99 problems and all of us be happy.

Thanks to Blake Chapman for correcting these lyrics

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