TYLER THE CREATOR - Open Bar (Freestyle)

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4 bars, 4 topics

Open bar, liftoff, Power 106

Yo first topic, grandmas


Look, fuck it, oh, yeah

Grandma over there, surprised she ain't dead

Fuckin' ol' bitch, come and give a nigga head

And I open that clit and it got some spider webs

Like, I don't really know, but I'm tryin' to go

Come over here and give me throat, like

Oh shit yo dentures just came out, don't choke

Wait a minute, um


Open bar, 4 bars, 4 topics

Liftoff, Power 106

Jay Cruz, Justincredible

Yo next topic, Tyler, The Creator

Pregnant girls

(Verse 2)

Niggas always thought I would rap about somethin' sterical and lyrical and dymystical

But I want the pregnant bitch to have the fuckin' baby and give me that umbilical cord

Ya lil whore, lemme lick that shit

Come over here and lemme see that baby suck my, wait

Ya thought I was gonna say 'dick', nigga that shit gay

Cuz I ain't tryin' to go to jail today

Niggas really think that they dadadada


Open bar, 4 bars, 4 topics

Liftoff, Jay Cruz, Justincredible

Bacon is yo next topic

(Verse 3)

Alright, look look

Wolf came out last year I know ya heard it

Tryin' to get that muthafuckin' pig, fuck Kermit

lemme see the bacon, lemme see the bacon

All the fuckin' cash that Im rackin’

Probably gonna go to Rolph's

And I don't really know cuz I got a lil nervous

This is a really weird topic


4 bars, 4 topics

One more topic fo' Tyler, The Creator

Liftoff, Power 106, Open Barm groupies

Groupies, that, that's the best y'all can come up with?

Was groupies?

Alright, fuckin' groupie (alright fuckin' groupies then)

(Verse 4)

I'm on the fuckin' bus and I just ate lunch

And I'm lookin' fo' a slut and I'm really tryin' to bust a fat nut

On her muthafuckin' forehead, but damn, my iPhone dead, shit

I need a charger, fuck it I'll just go outside and charge a bitch

And tell the bitch to come on the bus and suck my shit

And maybe if I'm a lil more horny, get lil drunk, I can open up her and shit prolly lick her clit

But shit, that probably won't happen, fuck

Fuckin' all this pussy off rappin', fuck

Man, they think I'm cool, they start to clappin', fuck it

Give me a hand job, yeah, I'm the man

I'm the muthafuckin' nigga that was just on stage

Bitch, open up yo fuckin' book and let me lick that page

But wait a minute, that shit clean? Let me get spray out of the bathroom

Where I took a shit, took off my Fruit Of The Looms and took a doodoodoo

Poopoopoo, lick on yo ass and poopoo, doodoo

Ya got a problem with teeth?

Well, fuckin' know a couple dudes that'll get the burner and shooshoo

And shootshoot if ya got a problem, yeah bitch, get that

Get rat, nigga get that, nigga getgat, with the liklak and a TicTac

Jasper rollin' up a zigzag, after ya suck my dick, here, take a TicTac

And a fuckin' double mint, bitch I'm the devil men

Bitch know what the fuck I meant, heard Bastard

The first album, bitch, ya know what the Devil meant

Jk, I'm Heaven sent, know God and a couple of angels

I'm, alright I'm off here


4 bars, 4 topics

Open bar, liftoff, Power 106

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