TYLER THE CREATOR - Inside Of Clouds (Remix)

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[Verse 1: Tyler]

Drip drop, the angels made a pit stop

Pissin' on the demons of the Earth

What's it really worth? Shit, now it's fuckin' pourin'

Wanted to go skate, can't, now my day is borin', damn

Snorin' in the bed with blankets cause my head spin

Probably cause I popped a couple purple Exedrins

It's a rainy day, so I'll skip the Led Zeppelin

And play some Sade "Love Deluxe" through my headset

On my way home I punched a bitch for an umbrella

Why? Cause I really didn't wanna get my shit wet

Run through the puddles, playin' in the mud

Fun, sucks that I'm too tall for the tub

Or would get my toys and make a lotta noise

While my mom is in the kitchen cookin' up a meal

Fire place is startin' up, dick is barely warmin' up

Sippy cup full of whip creamed hot chocolate

[Hook: Pharrell]

I can smell it when I go outside

Then it just pours

It gives us peace then all in the town is quiet

That's what rains for

[Bridge: Pharrell]

All the kids see rain and scream "No, no"

Run off the bus and they will just stay in

Me I love how rain fills the potholes

Me and my cell but that's what we played in

Ever wonder exactly where the sun goes

Did it go or did somethin' shade it?

The sun gives light cause it is the window

The rain gives life cause it is amazin'

[Verse 2: Tyler]

Lightning is striking, water hittin' on my window like Ike

I am not Tina, buddy, do not give my window pain

Lights bulbs when wearin' that wig, flyin' kites

Here's an idea, why don't I go hiking

On a fuckin' mountain where the water fountains icing

Stand there in a tank top prop that's from Baywatch

And eat about four bowls of some frozen ice cream

Get sick and then I won't have to

Go to school today, tomorrow, the day after

Sit in bed, write a bunch of raps up

And I won't be lyin' when I say I'm a sick rapper

Might fail so I won't bother

The sun is playin' hide and seek like my fuckin' father

The only difference is comes back, full effect

In the summer heats up, the thermometers erect

[Outro: Pharrell]

The inside of clouds

That's the window into the sky

Proves there's life

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