rate me

Slip it in her drink

And in the blink of an eye I can make a white girl look chink

Don't know what to think

Cause last time I attempted this shit the judge ordered

Me to see a shrink

Started with a link

Intended her to meet me at the local

Odd Future Wolf Gang skating rink

We be uniquely in sync

Already fucking and we only met last week

We're both young, not yet antique

So her mindset was working for my technique

Tell her that I love her and by next week

You can hear her shriek from the gas in her cheeks

Well, I'm not a freak, I am meekly a Greek that

Neighbors by the creek say that my house stinks

It reeks of a street girl

Streaks of red, even though all pussy is pink

Oblivion makes obvious seats which

Makes me swing my obvious feet

We get caught up, go splat, and we think

Now I get daughters and time in the clink

Got my dick harder than iron and zinc

Now they just ride up, mine's caught in the sink

Yeah they get cut up, two cent, my physique

Critique my shit

Wolf Gang (repeat)

Bitches running round down pussy take a trip

Make you strip, got my dick harder than the unzipped

Tyler Swift-ly slips his dick inside of Taylor Swift's

Slit, Round trip in that pussy, here comes a tick-

-Et, Them clips poppin on the cat, bustin

Odd mind cannons on the pill

Is he real? Gaza stripping

In my living room, Wolf Gang threw who?

I'm assuming mushrooms, I'm a necrolampoon

Not of Charles Mansoon, this fuck

Is ending soon, because I'm ejaculating

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