rate me

A-C-E, O-F, uh

Wild, I'm not tame just because my visions are strange

I am normal not deranged, I am not a fucking lame

Your pee dripping wet, I need all my nutrients

On the phone, if I take you home how much can I get?

Yeah, I like you but, you act like you don't like us

We could start a whole new religion girl, in Odd we trust

You play hard to got, got me hard like cement

Here's my car I love please do not dip, please just

(Can you just) go

(But please don't) wait

I'm a fucking monster, my Tonka is trucker

In my locker got books, I'm a nasty mothafucker

Truth or dare in the cemetery, right past the elementary

My faith lasts for the whole century

You could bite my neck or I could bite your neck

Or you could bite her and excite her you will not regret

My castle got dungeons, my dungeons got dungeons

Open up them legs, let me see what's for lunch and

And the sky is dark

The bats invade the park

The water swims the shark

But don't just wait, go

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