rate me

Excuse me mister, but could you please turn down the lights

I don’t really like caught these camera on me

And you shutter just go so right

And I don’t really wanna be rude but it’s on

What the fuck you mean you wear

And you got me fucked up, what you think I core nigga

I hope you real nigga it’s miss it, then walk boys

It’s like you use all to miss it,

The grind nigga use to do in front of my mission

And now they pay on mooring and stop with what they wishing

So special, put your all statistic

And now you make all this, just wash the dishes

And if you do mine, get the fuck out my kitchen

And if you gonna ge t the rest, then go and fuck your opinion

But in the mean time, rain wash in your room, I mean

And you don’t never catch me,

And I let it fuck it see it

I hope this fucking niggas and you deserve to search all the people

Talking that you have mally

Just when I roll rise we ain’t come from the same fabber

I made my own shit, when I walk on church

And I coped to much drama but fuck her I hate traffic

Now that you got it, I’m going hard and I’m coming up that closet

To concern the crystal ball when it’s alive, stay callin’ and get silent

But stay really on this, I’m really more for that name on album

Cherri bema cuz great will now be some more

“I don’t like to follow the rules” she said, but I must

I don’t have any Muppets, she wanna to talk all about that bullshit

I said, how you do, how do to do all that subject

And you like ours, be in really new artist

My heart beat in dark as I beat it on car shit

So I’ll be with your friends and got it all like market

And I’ll do your mentors as they do with your car shit

I don’t like to fallow the rules,

And that’s just who I am

I hope you understand,

I don’t really think you are cool

So be it so for him

Now be so for him

Gotta pose for that camera

You better pose, yeah you better pose

And this your life nigga, I suppose

For the lents and the chimer from the edge

I don’t love faces _______(?) from the fire and the big old lies

You get it right for this life

Welcome to death camp x 3

Listen all my big bang, this all from my tongue,

We’ll walk all from here

Wish all the burn away tonight

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