TYLER THE CREATOR - Colossus (The Bridge Of Love)

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Went to the six flags, six fags came up and said hey yo

Can we get a pic? I said no

And they said oh, it’s wolf gang, yonkers, goblin is my shit though

Now I’m like fuck, I don’t wanna be an asshole

So I’m sitting here posing with travis devaughn

With a fake smile like her titties was drawing on it

So fucking annoyed because I missed goliath

Cause some kid said I was there then they caused a riot

Now I’m surrounded by a 25 hound of fuckers tryina get a photo

All because they noticed the top with the box logo

And them fucking ears, guarantee they didn’t even hear bastard

They band wagon jumped me from a poho

I’m going fucking loco

Hey tyler can I, no bitch don’t you see me tryina buy a fucking churo?

But tyler, you’re my hero, I used to get bullied

Until I heard radicals, the last part got to me

See, I used to give a fuck until my cock would bleed

Now I’m the happiest I think I’ll ever ever be

My life is just like yours, no father

My mama must have forgot to stop with a pop condom

In school I was the one thinking outside boxes

So everybody in them would say that I got problems

So when I heard you say it, I said it back like fuck em

You’re in inspiration to niggas like me

Not the niggas who like just cause of lyrics and beats

I’m talking about the niggas who don’t know where they’re going to be

I heard the song bastard right in the moment of heat

Not in summer, but of course I was holding a heat

Gun on the edge of my feet, I heard first piano chord

And it drew me in like predators carrying treats

Then I said to myself fuck is he speaking to me

See me and you we go together like snare in a beat

I mean snare and a kick drum, see my forearm

I carved of on it this morning with a glass shard

On my green mini ramp that I buildt in my backyard, that’s weird

That’s hard, that scar from playing air guitar

When I see you play at the roxy

Tyler, I love you, I wanna be just like you

I think about your face and I don’t even fucking try to, no homo

Wish I had a basemened mitt for me to hide you

We could play xbox and listen to in search of, and eat donuts

Over conversating about what church does

Come up with weird ass videos with roach bugs

I’m straight edge too, so no drugs on this trip

And I killed that bitch, you should’ve killed that nitch

You should’ve took me instead

See, if you can’t have then he shouldn’t either

And I can’t have you then she shouldn’t either

No one should see you, but me in your t shirt

I worship until the fuckin wrinkles on my knees hurt, what the fuck!?

Odd future, wolf gang, golf wang, flog gnaw, free earl mobbin

I know it seems like just I’m slobbin on your knob

But I’m just a fan and I’m losing my fuckin noggin

I ain’t got a job and I went and bought gobling about 5 times

Cause I love you man

I like tie-dyed tees or just plain white tees

I like pants that cut, I like words like fuck

I got your pics on my wall, with the mouth cut out

Now paper cuts on my balls

Cause your dicks in my jaw, what the fuck

And I hit out twitter about 10 minutes a day

And I’m bitter cause you don’t even respond with a hey

And my boys think I’m gay, cause I play vcr,

In m car alone, speakers waking up neighbors

Alright my nigga, calm down

It’s getting weird, take this ic

So I can get on colossus, rhyme this slow as molasses

No nigga I see you are loving my shit

And I apperciate the fact that you would suck on my dick

But I’m not gay so it’s awkward, now I’m grouchy like oscar

After spillin some shit on his newest pair of beige dockers

Yonkers and yonkers, I love that song

Sick of hearing about yonkers, I’m grateful that I worked

I attacked and conquered, yeah, whatever but I fucking blast at the concert

I was at the boston one, I got a t shirt from sagan

And when I say sagan lockhart, and when you come out to sandwiches

That’s when my fucking boycrush got started

Just take this fucking picture man, shit.

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