TYGA - Toot it and boot it (remix)

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Well its the big bad banger

see the dick is what im slangin

YM entertainment

She gon toot it cuz im famous

im a well known singer

every beat gets strangled

ty-tyga got stripes

muthafuckin bengal

this the stop drop and roll

you aint know it lemme show you

beat it from the back bitch

now yah nickname toby

used to be my cuddy buddy

now we cant be friends

heard she got game

choo choo train



let yah toes hit the ceillin

let it run(run)house

but my name aint diggy

old enough show me titties

spoiled bitches sayin gimmie

i am not a white man

i aint comin down no chimmney


put my tounge in yah pop

french kiss kiss

like the french do on my fries

ha ha

yeah I got you laughin at me

cuz the way I eat it

make you cum so flabbergastin



fuck widd me garanteed

that you gon have one

clap clap

boo boo well done

when I tap that

tap dance like bojangles

in da dash


black man on the rise

so please step aside

you aint seen an agent this fly

so tootsie roll bitch

then hit that butterfly

oh yeah pop that

and lemme see that monkey

da dick in yah mouth

dont be a bonehead

put it so deep

now you a conehead

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Thanks to yannahbreezyberries

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