TYGA - Master $uite lyrics

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Fire flow, let me fascinate

Put python seats, Jake the snake

I rock Bape, that bathin' grape

You fake the Bape, that's pump fake

Got ball on turf, that's Chevy Chase

That's Caddyshack, don't be actin' shady

Lash out on the owner, nigga

Don't be harassin' my shorty, nigga

Borin' niggas, don't be borin', niggas

I'm the swag God in the holy temples

Spend 65k on my dental

Got the ripped denim, black card in 'em

Three car garage, black cars in 'em

Need more space to put the Rolls in it

Rollin' blunts for the fuck of it

I'm already high, I'm just talkin' shit

Shit on niggas like an eagle do

Give that bitch a break like in interlude

Bought a parachute, eatin' barracuda

I'm a barbarian rude nigga

With a ghetto gang and some pretty bitches

Walk on Jimmy Kimmel with some real killers

Real niggas, Tommy Hilfiger

This tommy gun my real hitta


Young nigga chillin' in the master suite

Ask me where I used to sleep

In the car parked on the street

Ask me what I used to eat

McDonald's like twice a week

Now I get served in my master suite

Just watched my bitch masturbate

Shit's milk, and it's sweet, nigga


Niggas sweet, I'm the candyman

Here I go again, can't get rid of me

I'm on Sunset, now I'm overseas

Lost the Lambo key, I just ordered three

Mickey Ds, played the 62

Red and yellow like Ronald do

I'm hard to break like a Rondo two

Don't weigh a lot but I'll take your food

Face to face, she give me face

'Till her face's blue like hunnits, new

Spend ten K at Mr. Chows

My mamma proud, these niggas bow

That's Tyga's style, you stole my style

You a hidden dragon, crouchin' tiger style

Jungle shit, my niggas wild

You a bitch, thinkin' out loud

I'm gamblin', my diamonds loud

My Rollie face original

Look on your face like, nigga how

I came from nothin', had dreams of stuntin'

Never owned a Porsche, so yeah I want it

Just to say I had it, now you can have it

Fuck y'all, I'm just livin' lavish

Rather die that nigga than to live average

(Hook x2)


Real niggas in my family tree

Rich niggas in my family tree, nigga

Bad bitches in my fantasies

That pussy good, and it's clean, nigga

Shit's milk, and it's sweet

Me and my bitch beauty and the beast

She a masterpiece

Young nigga chillin' in my master suite

Young nigga x 3

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