TYGA - Breaktime

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It's breaktime these kids is caught like Dateline

Deep fine obliterate if you dare to take mine

Genocide we don't give a fuck color or size guys

Women children could see I'm the shrine for the fucking blind

Vietnam mama ball her son know nuthin but war

Whom tattoos the boy choose

I'm winnin by 4 steps steppin ahead of ya'll

Cap a don college never was into school

Testin me students never do

Teach niggas clothing, apparel weather

Don't worry if it's red or blue

Green fake shit like tours do

Passenger grab the damager in case they start askin us

Managers show manners cause they see me on cameras (nigga)

Word of mouth tyga travelin tourin the south

Haters gatherin gossip shit I know nuthin about

You brown cows sittin around I'm milkin yo spouse

Hey mr. child owners honored to have a rappers smile

Yiffey yup know a bitch that'll stick a nigga up

I don't fuck with her seen ya'll in the club huggin dumb

Dumb what the hell are you on?

Tomorow yo shit'll be pawned

Withdrawed credit cards

All at the salon gettin done up

My chain look like a muffler

3d 50gs never tuck it

Tell them Gs shit happens when you touch it

Those guys were nuthin

Put comments in my luggage

Next to condoms cause I'm like fuck it

No pause games I'm 19 with lots of bunnies

Young money my dougy

Kicks pierre hardy

I'm rich if you wonderin self rep don't bug me

Accounts with large amounts you little pocket money

Car body sylvester color

I'm somewhat of a son from a different cuttin

Juice n buttons pussycat tygas comin

Like shakes off new hummers

Patience young patrient

This is now god talkin

Just bought a twin cause niggas ain't close to him

Potion clone n patron n a sober bitch

Hopin hopefully ya cloweys them I'm jizzin all over it

Doverman fuckin position ya ass where my tummy is

She definitly did put on for her city

True smut nasty chick nuthin wrong with frog titties

I'll TF right left til I'm outta breath

In a seth ya neck ya chest

I'm wreckless with weapons is letters betta speak ya best shit

Like presidents over ya front ya residents

Camo vision like predators

Or cause yo jealosy

Talkin like you knew GED

We da new bulls of 93

Can't defeat young money

It's breaktime

But I never take a break

I never take a break till I see heaven on the gates

I stick that metal in ya face and now they call you chrome face

Fuck with me betta bring yo lunch cause it's gon be a long day

Fuck what ya heard like my dick against yo eardrum

Swagga so sharp weezy where you get the spear from?

I could make you the son yo mama never hear from

Let that tough talk walk and watch how you fear run

Yah, and fuck the world is my assignment

And I promise you gon feel me like blind men

Roll or roll over like front wheel alignment

Tell the lil rappers don't come near the giant

Ugh now I'm smellin my self

Flow sicker than shit where the hell is my health

Startin to feel like makaveli myself

Watch I put that muthafuckin mac 11 to ya scelp

Yes my maybach I swear that bitch a donkey

Had to get the long body cause the short one didn't want me

Muthafucka I'm ill hungry still

Greedy that's why my first week I got a mil (meal)

It's young money open the bar

If they don't know who you is I bet they know who you are

No kelly just n.o. and l.a.

We come to fuck shit up like broke levays

Got a california bitch I swear she a medic

Sometimes she give me head and just git rid of my headache

Pull up and shoot like J.J. Reddick

Put on my boot I think I'm ready

Which one of you niggas wanna g get it?

Keepin yo head up but your beheaded uh oh

Realest is my middle name my heart pump nitrogen

And I breathe fire betta stand by a hydragen

Duffle bag big enough to fit the rifle in

I'll cut yo ass short call me hyphen then

Yes I'm focused on the figgas fresh

I'm cool smokin like a cigarette

It's the president sittin behind the bigger desk

Secretary with bigger breasts

Handin me bigger checks

I'm goin at these niggas necks

Which one of you niggas next

I put a bullet in yo muthafuckin intellect

Call me koo koo nest carter

A wfb and that's for wells fargo

Bank can't thank I'm on that drank

Anythang make my mind go blank

And the judge trynna hit me with evrything but the sank

But I roll saint I can't I ain't


Thanks to Andrew for these lyrics

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