TYGA - Baller Alert

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Ft. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross


Alright girls, get up and let’s get this money

Ya know what time it is, it’s ballas in here baby

Big ballas, lets get it!

(Bridge: Tyga)

Baller alert, it’s balla alert

Work for them dollers, yeah

Baller alert, it’s balla alert

Work for them dollars, yeah

Baller alert, it’s balla alert

Work for them dollers, yeah

Ballin' every year, I’m the balla of the year, yeah

(Hook: Tyga)

Baller alert, better work for them dollars, yeah

Baller alert, better work for them dollars, yeah

Yeah, I tear them all up every year

Yeah I’m tearing cars up every year

I’m the baller of the year, yeah

(Verse: Tyga)

Uh, drop it to the floor bitch like it’s on fire

Hmm oh my God, why the fuck ya lyin'?

Brand new Rari, did I lease it? Did I buy it?

Why the f**k it matter bitch? Ya will neva drive it

Baller alert, yeah I’mma need a driver

Pull up to the valley, the keys is in the ashtray

Last time I checked nigga ya was in last place

Last Kings Records, I’mma scream it till my last day

Gamblin' wit the cash, that’s how ya let the band play

Ya see them rings? Fifty k for that handshake

Baller alert and now I’m bein' Instagrammed

Baller alert, Yeah all my niggas millionaires

(Pre-Hook x3: Tyga)

Work for them dollars, yeah

(Hook: Tyga)

(Verse 2: 2 Chainz)

Magic City day time just for breakfast

Magic City night time to see a Lexus

Tity 2 necklace, ya gon' respect this

I’m bout to put gettin' checks on my check list

Geek and watchin' Escobar on Netflix

I’m the type to buy shit for my next bitch

Make it so bad, we matchin'

Tell her send the pussy through the snap chat

While ya come in creepin', I was in the deep end

Jammin' on The Weeknd, South Beach for the weekend

Ballin', ballin', ballin', ballin', ballin', ballin'

And my phone ring it mean the money callin'

Put yo hand up, ya got hunnid dollas

Put two hands up, ya got hunnid thousand

Comin' straight from the public house

So tell me how the fuck I get a bunch of houses


(Verse 3: Rick Ross)

Like a boss

Took your bitch to Buduka cause that booty been the bomb

Got the Beamer, got the Bentley, push the top like I’m Lebron

Avianca, Escobar, but don’t make me drop a bomb

Sixty bitches, Magic City, got em dancin' like they get it

Poppin' pussy, dream chasin', I might fly this bitch to Philly

I might let the top down if she keep her head this pretty

I luv models, I’m a baller, I’m a shoota, I’m a starter

I’mma holler, know I got her, tell her friend just what I bought her

Neva post her to the page and if I do, she gotta swallow

Yeah I live in 3-0-5, still callin' at the bottle

Drafted straight into the pros, we neva did a day of college


(Pre-Hook x3)



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