TYGA - A Voice 4rm Heaven Pt.1: 2Pac lyrics

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I pray to God every night. I still do that

I just wanted

I wanted God to know that even tho I was goin' through the worst of times

I still recognize him as bein' sumethin' greater than myself

And that I'm not goin' to give up my faith just because its goin' bad for me

Cuz he was there when I was livin' good

So I just want him to know that, you know that I'm not no punk

And I'm not soft hearted

That when it gets bad I'm goin' to be like oh I don't believe in God no more

I believe in God all the time, everyday, all day

Good and bad, rough and hard, 5 shots, jail time, everythin'

Good times, million dollas, Benzes, all that

I always believe in God because he gave it all to me

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