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Pressure everyday feels like it's never goin away but still somehow in the back of my head I hear it's gunna be okay it gets so hard tryna make it through life it seems true happiness is no where in sight try to handle all my problems myself but I know I need some help you see my heart getts heavy I cry so much I feel like I'm crazy and everything that could go wrong does all at one time tell me when will I see the sunshine that's when I heard a promise to me god will supply all of my needs I belive every word is true so I know what I got to do

Temptation is always around seems like the right choice can neva be found but then the wrong thing I can easily see cause it's right in front of meee!

I try to ignore what's goin on in my mind I see alot of doors but wheres the exit sign I can't keep on somethings gotta give this is no way for me to live I get so frustrated sometimes the very things I do I hate it sick of falling for every trap that's set for me it's time for me to have the victory but I found my answer in the word he gave with every temptation there's a way of escape and I believe every word is true so I know what I gotta do

No, no matter what your situation is stay togetha and look to Jesus yeahhh.

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