Ty Dolla Sign

Ty Dolla Sign - Only Right lyrics

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Ft. YG, Joe Moses & TeeCee 4800


I brought my niggas, it was only right

Bought a new whip, it was only right

Bad bitch, but it's only right

Twenty bottles in the club & it's only right

Same friends, but it's only right

All my niggas rich, man, it's only right

Get it how ya live, man, it's only right

Broke bread wit my bitch, man, it's only right

(Verse: Ty Dolla $ign)

Yeah, it's only right that I ball

Only right that all my ex bitches gone, yeah, it's only right

If a nigga eva try

Only right if a nigga got to die, yeah, it's only right

It's only right we on top

All ya copycat niggas, stop, man, that ain't right

It's only right that I gas

Only right I still whoop a niggas ass, yeah, it's only

(Verse 2: TeeCee4800)

It's only right she fuck wit a nigga like me

It's only right I fucked a bitch in my Nikes

It's only right that I fuck her all night, give her pipe

Have her fucked up sayin' alright

Ay, it's TeeCee the loc

She say my dick big, but she still will not choke

I hit that, get ghost, run around in that Ghost

Run a red light, so close

And I might throw couple dollars if I see her workin' that pole


(Verse 3: Joe Moses)

Yeah, it's only right where my flag be

All fucking red, bitch, I get it from my daddy

It's only right I'm a whoop

It's only fucking right if I fuck, ya was cute

Niggas only right if the money be long

And it don't feel right if the condom was on

But it's only right, I got one night

I give her 'Murder Was the Case' like Suge Knight

(Verse 4: YG)

See, me, see, me, I act a fool in that pussy

Virgin bitches 'round, so I'm bool in that puss

That new Ghost 'bout three hun'ed

900 cash, it feel like I ain't spend nothing

It was only right they gave me half a mil

That was only one deal, that shit got me the chills, nigga

No drive thru's to buy foods, no dinner tables

For me time, was that all? Goddamn, nigga



It's only right, I'm a fuck a bad bitch tonight

Girl, ya got just what I want

Let me give it to ya, girl, put it on me


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