Ty Dolla Sign

Ty Dolla Sign - Blasé lyrics

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Ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd

(Intro: Future)

Ya know what's goin' on

Ova there and ova there, ok

(Hook: Future & Ty Dolla $ign)

Ordered up a hundred Rosés, need a benz like blasé, blasé

I'm just, whippin' Maserati (skurr, skurr, skurr, skurr)

I'm just, blasé, blasé

I'm just, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé

Ordered up a hundred bottles in the club like blasé, blasé

Whippin' Maserati (skurr, skurr, skurr, skurr)

Oh, blasé, blasé, blasé, yeah, yeah

(Verse: Dolla $ign)

Blasé, blasé, blasé, all I drink is Bombay

When I'm wit my niggas, I might drink that Henny

Smokin' kush in public, muthafuck the police

I ain't scared to die, on them dead homies

Hit them licks, wh-whippin' the bricks

Still wit the shit, I'm young and I'm rich, young and I'm rich

I got hoes nigga, I got hoes in different area codes

I think I'm Nate Dogg

I started from the ground I'm that nigga now

I stay wit the loud, can ya hear me now?

And my bitch cold, she a centerfold

Put her on a stand, and she neva told


(Verse 2: Slim Jxmmi)

I break the bank like an athlete, hon

Shawty krunk drunk, fuckin' up her new Louboutins

If I let her in my Masi she might be a trendin' topic

Befo' she got to ride it, bust it, pop it, blasé, blasé

Been spent yo rent and I'm still blowin' big faces

Somethin' bout them Ben Franklins make any bitch get naked

Crew got the juice, bitch ya don't need no chasers

Ball on these niggas, I need knee replacements


(Verse 3: Swae Lee)

Sippin' out the jug until I feel it in my body

I was, uh, hopin' ya were salty when ya saw me

Keep her rowdy, seen around me, all we do is dip and dab

Got twin turbos on twin turbos and them bitches really smash

It's a fifty fifty chance I might, ditch ya (ditch ya)

It's a fifty fifty chance that these niggas didn't pitch in

I'm pourin' up till I can't no more

I swear everythin' I see slo mo'


(Outro: Future)

Alcohol and chronic, yeah, that's all we want (x4)

That's all we want (x4)

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