Twiztid - 1st Day Out

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(Jamie Madrox)

"I got another funky rhyme

another funky funky rhyme

I got another funky rhyme

another funky rhyme another funky funky rhyme" (twice)

"Awwww shit!


This is my shit man!

They're finna remake the wicked shit!

Jamie spit man!"

(Jamie Madrox)

"Now they let the gates up so I bail

Six shitty months pick me up from the county jail

Smart ass mouth even though I paid my dues

Chrome toilet, rolled blankets, and the rhombus shoes

But I ain't naggin

Here comes my people in the hoopty muffla draggin

Ain't been in the hoop ride long

And the two liter of Moon Mist is almost gone

Nuts are kinda anxious to drop a load

Told my man to hook me up with a chick that he know

The bitch said muthafucker pick me up at three

Can't bitch Santa don't ride your street

We can meet around the corner at KFC

You can take a cab and I'll pay the fee

When she showed up damn, she was out of luck

I forgot my wallet in the glovebox on my truck

Put the tab for the cab and the dinner too

With a knot in my sock, bitch i thought ya knew

Dressed to impress chewin dyntene gum

And I was drunk as fuck and smelled like an alley bum

I'm chewin on my food like a carnivore

Dumb bitch starin at me like and eyesore

Then I plopped my face in the bowl of soup

And slurpped every last bit up through my missin tooth

The bitch jumped up faster than a race

and told me how to bow to her face

So she pickin up the tab, ya know that I'ma go for mine

Got sone shabille 54' vengence wine

And a steak well done and an order of shrimp

Jamie Madrox playin the pimp...UHH

Shes back now, and her hair ain't fixed

Probably in the bathroom kickin back takin a shit

But I ain't sayin nothin though

I ain't sayin nothin bout the muthafuckin hoe

Whats up bitch? your ready to break, besides how long

Can one fat bitch take? Quit snackin

And pay this shit, so we can go to your crib

And watch a horror flick, with ya daddy

"Your Employed?"

"Uhhhhh shit, Naw"

(Jamie Madrox)

Your daddy's pretty fresh sweetie pie

I mean him, lettin me grip his ride

Besides, he slipped me a fifty

But the again I'm kinda shifty

Now I wanna fuck so we headed to my house

Fuck sittin with you parents on the couch

Dad I got a bitch in my room and a smile

Take your ass to the bar and don't come back for awhile

A juggalo's known for smackin ho's

But I need to bust nut so I switch to the mack mode

(Monoxide Child)

Now Laurie, you know I love you

So why don't you just let me fuck you

Look bitch, I know you's a freak

So let me get a little kiss on my cheek

And I'll fuck to go hit that

Come on nympho, and let me hit dat

Tell ya what, ya let me stick it

And I gotta left over piece of chicken for ya

Ya little sewer skank

(Violent J)

Ya nasty little pipe smokin MONEY HUNGRY BITCH!

(Monoxide Child)

That's the shit J

85 bucks an hour, you wanna play

And that was that

A little smooth talkin and she was on her back

Ya never guess what

My first day out, and I caught my nut

(Jamie Maddrox & Monoxide Child)

First day out and I caught my nut (what)

First day out and I caught my nut (what)

First day out and I caught my nut (what)

Well shit bitch it's my first day out, and i caught my nut (4X)

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