Twista - Withdrawal lyrics

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Ft. Do or Die

(Verse: Do or Die)

I get to bustin' at anything, got plenty beans

By any means, it's the American cope flow

Sip the cover x hoe, muthafucka is neva befo' I let yo tint go

You knew a fatality when you try to tatt on me

Gotta be my anatomy, gravity, get caught in the crossfire

Then let you ride to the otha side, that's how we collide

I provide two lumps like a cannibal

Woolie pokes with boats like Sopranos

Muthafucka, we not at the same panel

Shootin' up everything like a nigga was Rambo

Get the sample? Leave em in the alley like some damn clothes

Ya now fuckin' with the best, but nevertheless

A couple of macks to get the rounds on

Feelin' like a couple of clowns on

An euphemism to the sound of the pound calls

Dramatic on the incompatible

Rather go with betta flow

You betta keep my flow, then I hit 'im from his head to his toes

I got my niggas and bitches be tellin' him that he cold

Look how my niggas and bitches be tellin' him that he flow

A couple of head shots, a couple of red dots

__________(?) for homicide to the sea

Muthafucka finna bleed, my pedigree to murder my enemies

Neva let a nigga leave, neva let a nigga breathe

Get rid of the residue, and put a couple of stacks on

His whole team forehead

With the 40 cal hit it for 40 miles

I got 140 styles, on my flow locked it now

Woo child, he lookin' at me like a 50 clip

Make a couple of muthafuckas do 50 flip

Look how he shootin' with the muthafuckin' pistol grip

Ain't for the fun of it, if it's the FEDs I ain't touchin' shit

Put 'em in the casket, basket, leave 'em in the muthafuckin' acid

It can get more than drastic, hit the baker go click click

Flip anotha clip for that bullshit

Put it in the raw like a pool pit

Muthafucka, you betta ______(?) pull it

You don't want it with the Don Dada

Burn a motherfucker like lava

Hanging out the window with a muthafuckin' choppa

(Hook x2)

From Adrenaline Rush


This is a Withdrawal

This is a With

(Verse 2: Twista)

Your days is ova, I'm in a rage, finna blaze

Like I'm up in a fuckin' rave with soldiers

About to amaze and hold ya

From the grave I raise ya

Like I'm paid to serenade a cobra

The time of my rappin' is ova

Ain't it, damn it, shit

I think I can Spain it

And I... shit

Muthafuckas gon' take it for granted

Then I think I'mma have to break that bitch

I could lyrically do the impossible fluid

Through follicles you feelin' I'm who in there

Followed you through and ebola-ed you

And I'm known for bruisin' the obstacle

You and a lot of you wanna float a ruin to module

The cyrus, the music come lot of it

Showin' you muthafuckas how to spit

Get on the beat and show you that you can get out a bit

Give you the realest that will sum up the counterfeit

Pessoes, got me workin' in my day clothes

Give it to 'em because they chose

Don't wanna try me like Dej Loaf

Steppin' in my Giuseppes and not in these women hay hoes

Like a tourist, style be the purest

Wishin' every time that you see me ______(?)

Fresh is me but you can neva be

Especially if I'mma be in a Lamborghini Urus



(Verse 3: Do or Die)

I'm hopin' to cause static

Bet you gon' feel it when I hit you with the automatic

Give you a pump to the chest like asthmatic

Make a motherfucker feel it like he neva neva had it

If I had it, wound up on a nigga, hit 'em with hollow tips

We rock on ya nigga, we will neva catch you in the park

With yo bitches, gon' let the AK fly 30 shots when I rock with you niggas

Black tenant, creep up to ghost Venice

Black Scully, palm hand with toast in it

Friday's up, red rose, the moss in it

Feel it comin' for the lead, with yo boys in it

Mackarov, hit ya with the pump

Pump pump when I go, then I stump

Black TImbs, black RIms

White bitch givin' head in the black Benz

Goddamn! Pow house, our house or no house

With this mutha goin' on loud

Trap life, we ain't gotta buy 'em all out

But I ball out, drink Hen till I fall out


These bitches

We all in the club

Fuck with a nigga

We ain't gon' show no love

Uh, no love, no love, no

If a nigga get static

No love, no love

Thirty shots from the automatic, uh


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