Twista - Wide Open lyrics

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I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open

hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking

Coat in my choking, poking till I'm choking

Niggas croaking never welcome I ain't joking

you know I'm smoking I get the job done

I suck ya dick in front of ya man and make us all cum

leave em all sprung

dirt is awesome superb all tongue suck it like a dum dum

using mommy as the rule of dumb when you choosing em

now ya know you fuck with hood rat hoes

seeing Kane cruising and wanting me and you with them

cause it went down but you ain't true to them so who is them

I ain't lying shit

get up with a mady 9 chick that brings like to dicks

with Viagra's lips dips a tits and whips

leaving dirty tips that chicks while they ride

Kane had hoes around the globe open wide

wide open

like the 7 seas in the ocean soaking like tides rolling

babs coating she glad stroking

loving the shit floating the drip

the way you sucking the dick just keep on sucking it bitch

ugh now let me tell you how I'm working that nigga

bobbing his dick up and down spiting jerking that nigga

licking that tip all around I'm I hurting ya nigga

Kane ain't nothing nice thats for certain my nigga

I get the dick wetter than Victoria Falls

I got ya danced up and drought as I move to ya balls

from taking chillys side to side and my baby ka jaws

get it straight nigga I suck a dick for the cause

nigga climbing the walls spread them lets like a bitch

nigga I get it all you cant handle this shit

when I get the jack in the dick then at the same time nigga

blowing ya mind lick your G-spot from behind

when ya gone find a bitch wet em like this

niggas is mad they bitch cant stroke em like this

the truth of the matter shoulda broke em like this

ain't sugar coating shit blood sucking the dick

type of chick hella buff picture perfect nigga

if I jerk this shit you must be worth it nigga

I know ya had a bitch but I converted nigga

to a hot dick sucking that clit ass licking perverted nigga

got the nerve nigga pulling out a fat dick

like a bitch wont get it wet with a slick lip

lick on the tip with the tit lips

deep dish how ya tricking on some sweet shits

what ya mean bitch?

if you ain't sucking than swallow back of the Tahoe

mommy had ya happing like problems in sea like macono

bitch sucking ramodo

like hitting the lotto when tasting ya nothing

rub the dick all on my face while this nigga still cummin

still humming niggas stunning what you tryin to say something

"oooo slow down girl girl shit get back shit girl"

ugh huh

wha wha

ugh huh

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