Twista - Whitney Houston Tribute lyrics

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Rest in peace to the late great Whitney Houston

We just lost one of heaven's angels, it's a thang

Twista ya,

Still so young, I can't see... here we go

What? Somebody told me Whitney Houston died

Can't believe to tell you how quickly tears went through my eyes

She was getting better now it's really just flew aside

I still ain't got over Don Cornelius' suicide

So where do I start it? Dearly departed

One of heaven's angels for sure who was really an artist

Loving the way that my mama was saying she can sing in a way that's magical

Ain't nobody like you, nobody before you and nobody after you

Can never come near you

Not hearing the ... but you with us as spirit

So sad to hear it, I'm choking up while I come up with these lyrics

And though she blessed the earth and it's time to let heaven prosper

I still wish somebody was there to protect her

Who? Kevin Costner, Who? Clive Davis, Who? Bobby Brown

Her mama and her daughter, Whitney is ... now

Such a short time, don't want it to be this way

But if she was here, she would probably say

If I should stay,

I would only be, in your way

So I'll go but I know

I'll think of you

Every step of the way X 2

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