Twista - Wetter (Get It Wet Pt. 2) lyrics

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I'm callin ya daddy (daddy)<br>

Can you be my daddy (daddy)<br>

I need a daddy (daddy)<br>

Won't you be my daddy (daddy)<br>


Come and make it rain down on me<br>

Come and make it rain down on me<br>


<i>[Verse 1]</i><br>

Now come and kick it with the Twista<br>

Black Caddy, Mack Daddy, <br>

With a hoe up in the back seat<br>

With the '97 pimp flow<br>

Gotta feelin when you smokin<br>

When I flip it to a track speed ?<br>

Talkin about a beautiful figure<br>

Astonishing as greek mythology<br>

Body be just like a girl in uh..<br>

What's that movie? nevermind <br>

Let me enter your atmosphere<br>

As you enter my world<br>

And lemme touch that booty<br>

I can't believe that your momma that cold<br>

Her daughter got such an astonishing soul<br>

You need a modeling role<br>

Still a playa know you got it<br>

When you climbin from the bottom<br>

To the top of that pole<br>

Cause you can pop and control<br>

Your fatty's so accurate<br>

When I'm smackin it<br>

It's makin me say <br>

"What I gotta do to get with that?"<br>

When it come to makin it rain,<br>

I can get it wet<br>

When it come to cuttin the monkey<br>

I can get it wet<br>

You gone see me to ya baby<br>

You need a better man<br>

Here come the politics,<br>

I'ma be your weatherman<br>

Cause everytime I'm lookin up<br>

And I see more ass<br>

I'ma constantly see <br>

Rain in the forcast<br>

This-a-way that-a-way<br>

I'm flickin 5,000 ones<br>

Or whatever you wanna call it<br>

It's a celebration<br>

You the champion<br>

Here's the fetti confetti<br>

Come on and get drunk<br>

with the money hauler?<br>



You done been good,<br>

But you can do better<br>

I done been wet,<br>

But I can get wetter<br>

Come and make it rain down on me<br>



<i>[Verse 2]</i><br>

But when I'm not for the feminine<br>

And everybody that percieve with the hatred<br>

I'ma teach them a lesson<br>

I take shots of adrenneline <br>

Cause thats the way I recieve immunization<br>

Against the recession<br>

I got the muscle off my hustle and flow money<br>

An entrepenuer with ways to get more money<br>

So don't be trippin whenever you see me throw money<br>

Hah. It's just a little bit of show money<br>

But if you want me to get it wet another ways<br>

Then I'ma have to beat it up the first time I play with you girl<br>

Touch your ears and your neck and play with your pearls<br>

Then I reach up in your pants and play with you pearl?<br>

When I lay you down you aint gotta be frontin or fakin<br>

On me baby cause I know it takes the right touch<br>

I ain't stoppin til you wet up the covers <br>

Because I gotta keep on fuckin til I see a lot of white stuff<br>

Now you got me excited I can't hold it <br>

I'm feelin it coming I'm bout to let off an explosion <br>

Let it ride when I see you I'm ? and shakin<br>

When I touch your body you catchin convulsions<br>

Thats when I know I'm doin what I'm supposed to<br>

You chose me. I chose you.<br>

Don't think I can get it wet? I told you<br>

Come and let the Twist rain down on you<br>


<i>[Chorus (x2)]</i><br>




<i>[Thanks to Lauren Hawk for these lyrics]</i><br>


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